CAMS Computer Science and Cyber Security Club (CSC)


We, the members of the California Academy of Mathematics and Science Computer Science and Cyber Security Club (CSC), in order to spread the knowledge of computer science, teach the concepts of cyber security, and inspire students to look into the field of computer and technology, do ordain and establish this constitution of the California Academy of Mathematics and Science Computer Science and Cyber Security Club.

Article I – Name and Location

The California Academy of Mathematics and Science Computer Science and Cyber Security Club (from this point on referred to as CSC), will meet in room 3003 on Thursdays from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The location, date, and time of the meetings can be modified at the sole discretion of the president and the sponsoring teacher. However, the name or the abbreviated name of the club cannot be changed in any manner.

Article II – Objective and Purpose

The objective of CSC is to teach and spread the knowledge of computer science to CAMS students. The ultimate purpose of this club is to inspire students to look into and possibly purse a career in the field of computer science, computer technology or cyber security.

Article III – Membership and Access

Membership to CSC is available for any student who attends CAMS. Prior to becoming a member, the student must agree that he/she 1) understands that everything taught in the club is for educational purpose only, 2) will not hold the club, officers, members, or sponsoring teacher accountable for any illicit activity performed using the knowledge taught in club meetings, and 3) practices good sportsmanship during club held competitions and games. Minor violations will be addressed by the sponsoring teacher. Other violations will be addressed in accordance with school district policy and state laws.

Access to any network based CSC infrastructure ( and is available for anyone including those outside of CAMS. Members may engage any CSC infrastructure in any way they like.

Article IV – Requirements of Members

No fees are required to become a member of CSC. The aforementioned fee requirement cannot be amended. Members are not required to attend any meetings but should show considerable interest in the lessons and challenges presented in the club as well as actively participate in online challenges. Officers are not allowed to expel any member from the club for failing to attend or failing to show dedication.

Article V – Officers, Eligibility, and Privileges

The main CSC board will consist of only three (4) individuals. This cannot be amended. The four rudimentary positions are President (2), Secretary (1), and Treasurer (1). Other positions can be created at the discretion of the President or the sponsoring teacher. Board members WILL NOT be chosen by an election. Instead, they will be chosen by the previous board members and the sponsoring teacher. In order to be considered for a position, the member must have attended CSC for a minimum of one (1) year.

Officers or the sponsoring teacher reserve the right to alter the curriculum at any given time. Members may petition or requests features, changes, or additions to any aspect of CSC at any time. Such alterations will be decided by a majority vote of the three main board members.

Article VI – Officer Duties and Terms

The terms of officers are per semester. New candidates for officers can be considered at the end of every semester. However, new candidates will only become an officer if the current officer in that position chooses to step down. The President’s role is to manage the club as well as produce lessons and challenges. The Secretary is responsible for recording all of the meeting minutes. In addition, he/she will work with the President to create meeting plans before every general meeting. The Treasurer is in charge of keeping track of the club budget and finances. In addition, he/she will plan and host club fundraisers.

Article VII - Impeachment

In the case that an officer is not fit to lead or does not fulfill his/her duties, the President has the power to impeach him/her from office with agreement from the sponsoring teacher. However, if members of the board and the sponsoring teacher believe that the President is not fit for his/her duties, they may impeach him/her after a unanimous vote. The sponsoring teacher holds the ultimate authority when a possible impeachment of a board member is involved.

Article VIII – Vacancies in Office

There cannot be vacancies in the rudimentary positions of the office. In the case that an officer wishes abdicate, the sponsoring teacher will be responsible for choosing another club member to replace his/her position.

Article IX – Budgeting and Fundraisers

The Treasurer and the sponsoring teacher will be in charge of the budgeting. There will be no fundraising in the club unless the president chooses to have one. However, the Presidents should actively seek to obtain sponsorships to host regional computer science competitions or hackathons as well as to award top members at the end of a school year. Any prize money obtained from competitions will be used at the discretion of the board members and sponsoring teacher.

Article X – Club Meetings and Minimum Number Quorum

Club meetings will be held in the sponsoring teacher’s room unless otherwise stated. A minimum of 5 members (excluding the board members) will be required for a meeting. This can be amended. Club meetings should consist of at least one new lesson, challenge, and/or walkthrough.

Article XI – Parliamentary Authority

An informal version of Robert’s Rules of Order will be used to conduct club meetings.

Article XII - Amendments

Amendments can be made by the board (majority vote) to any section except specific statements which indicate that they cannot be amended. The sponsoring teacher may overrule any votes by the board and make alterations to the constitution at any time.

Article XIII - Miscellaneous

Maintenance of Domain:

The domain must be renewed at the end of every one (1) year period. The current domain is set to renew yearly until February 20th, 2017. Hosting provider can be chosen by the Officers. Unless otherwise stated or a hosting service change is required, the billing information as well as the contact information should not be modified. In addition, contact information should be set to the sponsoring teacher’s name and the school’s address / information.

Damage to Server:

All attacks done to the CSC server by members of CSC are permitted. However, members shall not violate the hosting service’s terms of service by engaging in attacks such as the DoS without previously obtained permission. It is recommended that the server be backed up periodically in case damage is done.

Participation of Alumni:

Past officers of CSC may assist in any aspect of the club. However, they may not make any direct changes to the CSC server unless given permission to do so by the current officers.

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